Blanket Fortress Play

Analog Game #14: Citadels

The Tiger introduced this game to me after he bought it from Toy Tag - one of the hobby game stores we love to frequent. An old favourite of his, I could see why.

Citadels is incredibly easy to pick up, especially if you learn best while actually playing. It’s good for strategising and bluffing addicts, or a brutally fun game if you play it with a group of friends you (think you) know well. Building cities as different members of society, this heavily-themed card game is good for 2 to up to 8 players (optimally, in my opinion).

Citadels was created by Fantasy Flight Games. Find out more about the game here

~ Joelyn Alexandra

Analog Game #13: Star Trek: Catan

Many would know about the Settlers of Catan. But trekkies will be delighted at this Star Trek take on this popular enabler board game.

I first co-played this in a board game club in Melbourne, Australia. And while the essence of Catan stayed the same, the twist brought about with characters and themes from Star Trek itself brought gameplay to a level where I can only say, “OH MY!” (which was said a heck of a lot of times during the game for no reason whatsoever)

For more information on Star Trek: Catan, click here.

~ Joelyn Alexandra

Analog Game #12: Takenoko

This has got to be one of the cutest games I’ve ever played. Playing as the panda, gardener, or landscaper, players are trying to build a garden to please the Japanese Emperor.

Easy to play and pick up, Takenoko is a fun strategy game for the family and the accompaniment of the adorable minis and bamboo pieces make it a colourful playing experience.

Takenoko is designed by Antoine Bauza. For more information on this game, click here .

~ Joelyn Alexandra

Analog Game #11: Glory to Rome

While this card game has an incredibly steep learning curve, it’s fun and strategic the moment you get into it. The context is as such: You’re trying to build up Rome. And the catch is this: There are many ways of winning this game. But you won’t know exactly how until you play it.

The last I heard, this game is no longer in print. Hopefully, something gets revived though! We know Rome wasn’t built in a day but there’s always the hope that it’ll return!

~ Joelyn Alexandra

Analog Gaming #10: Pandemic

One of the reasons why I love collaborative games is how it tones my competitive nature down. At the same time, you don’t feel like you are at a disadvantage against experienced players. This is why I was incredibly excited to play Pandemic - even though it’s said to be an amazingly difficult game to win.

Designed by Matt Leacock (who also designed Pandemic’s expansions and Forbidden Island and Desert), Pandemic has great game mechanics, logical progresses, and boasts a good load of fun for both the casual gamer and the strategist.

To find out more about Pandemic, click here .

~ Joelyn Alexandra