Blanket Fortress Play

Analog Game #16: Cards Against Humanity

When a group of the meanest, funniest, and most horrible people (a.k.a. my wonderful friends =P) play this game, it comes alive.

Based on a wide variety of “what if” situations, players fill in the blanks to these situations using 1-2 cards in their hand. No matter how weird or outrageous.

Great fun to play in a huge group (and also a semi-accurate judge of how well you know your friends), one of the beauties of Cards Against Humanity is that it has a whole lot of expansions (NERDFIGHTERIA EXPANSION!!!). Find out more about the game here

~ Joelyn Alexandra

Analog Game #15: Monopoly Singapore: Then and Now.

Most people I know have played Monopoly at least once in their lives. But instead of the Park Lanes and Baltic Aves, sometimes, we’d like to see a little variety.

Raven bought Monopoly Singapore: Now & Then for one of our analog game days. While the rules remained the same, it was fun to choose between Singapore now (2010s), and Singapore then (1970s); between paper cash, and plastic cards; between landmarks like Van Kleef Aquarium, and Resorts World Sentosa.

Monopoly Singapore: Now and Then was created by Hasbro. Find out more about the game here

~ Joelyn Alexandra

Analog Game #14: Citadels

The Tiger introduced this game to me after he bought it from Toy Tag - one of the hobby game stores we love to frequent. An old favourite of his, I could see why.

Citadels is incredibly easy to pick up, especially if you learn best while actually playing. It’s good for strategising and bluffing addicts, or a brutally fun game if you play it with a group of friends you (think you) know well. Building cities as different members of society, this heavily-themed card game is good for 2 to up to 8 players (optimally, in my opinion).

Citadels was created by Fantasy Flight Games. Find out more about the game here

~ Joelyn Alexandra

Analog Game #13: Star Trek: Catan

Many would know about the Settlers of Catan. But trekkies will be delighted at this Star Trek take on this popular enabler board game.

I first co-played this in a board game club in Melbourne, Australia. And while the essence of Catan stayed the same, the twist brought about with characters and themes from Star Trek itself brought gameplay to a level where I can only say, “OH MY!” (which was said a heck of a lot of times during the game for no reason whatsoever)

For more information on Star Trek: Catan, click here.

~ Joelyn Alexandra

Analog Game #12: Takenoko

This has got to be one of the cutest games I’ve ever played. Playing as the panda, gardener, or landscaper, players are trying to build a garden to please the Japanese Emperor.

Easy to play and pick up, Takenoko is a fun strategy game for the family and the accompaniment of the adorable minis and bamboo pieces make it a colourful playing experience.

Takenoko is designed by Antoine Bauza. For more information on this game, click here .

~ Joelyn Alexandra