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Analog Gaming #8: Get Bit!

I bought this game for my cousin’s 14th birthday. Needless to say, it’s incredibly fun and can be played across all ages. Her 8-year-old sister, who cannot stand reading, utterly enjoyed this bluffing game (probably because you could yank off parts of your robot throughout.)

You can be done in about 15 minutes, depending on the number of players you have. However, it’s great as a filler or starter game for gatherings and stuff,

Get Bit! was designed by Dave Chalker. You can check him out and the other games he has designed and played here.

~ Joelyn Alexandra

Analog Games #7: High Society

A quick game which gameplay and theme is right there in its name. With the fixed amount of money you have, you have to bid to increase your fortune or decrease the chances of losing it.

And surprise, surprise, the player with the most accumulated value (both in assets and money) is regarded as High Society and wins.

High Society is created by Reiner Knizia. To find out more about the game, click here.

~ Joelyn Alexandra

Analog Gaming #6: Gloom

Most people just want to be happy. In this universe, however, making these people happy might be the last thing you would want to do. You see, in Gloom, your goal is to put your twisted family through the most drastic tortures before sealing their fate with an untimely end.

With transparent, plastic cards, add crazy modifiers to make your family unhappy or your opponent’s family happier, or use event cards to throw the game off course. Either way, first player with a full, dead family ends the game, and the one with the most accumulated points from their dead members wins.

Happy now?

Gloom is made by Atlas Games, to find out more about the game, click here. To find out more about Atlas and what other games they make, click here.

P/S - Thanks to the Tiger, who introduced this game to me =)

~ Joelyn Alexandra

Analog Gaming #5: Fictionaire

In honour of the Adelaide Writer’s Week (where I’ll be at this weekend), here’s a little snippet of a card game my friends and I played before - Fictionaire. 

A little bit like a compact version of Wits & Wagers, only that you are trying to convince a judge that your answer to their question in the game is the correct one. In short, most of the time, you’re either being honest or making things up as you go along. Very quick game, and you can pretty much play it for as long as you want with as many people.

To find out more about Fictionaire, click here. To see another review about Fictionaire, click here

P/S - Many thanks to Avarielle for this game =)

~ Joelyn Alexandra

Analog Gaming #4: Space Pirates

If you find yourself in a ship and travelling through space, trying to becoming the richest pirate boss, check the parallel you’re in. Or you could just be playing Space Pirates (by Sirius Products).

In line with Team Hypercube's Game of the Month this round, Space Pirates is a tabletop, finger-flicking-counters game where you are the captain of your own ship, looking to buy your own base and become the richest Pirate Boss in the galaxy. The set up is totally random (or up to you), and you earn cash by hijacking carrier counters and selling resources in various bases.

Watch out though, some of those carrier counters are asteroids that can make you lose resources or the space police who will chase you until you’re caught. Not to mention the instances of solar storms and winds that can just throw the game off course.

Generally, a pretty enjoyable game. To find out more about Space Pirates, click here.

P/S - Thanks to my friend, Raven Silvers, for getting and playing the game with us!

~ Joelyn Alexandra