Blanket Fortress Play

Analog Game #18: Shadows Over Camelot

We know King Arthur to be an honourable man. But whether or not that remains to be true, we have no clue whatsoever.

As a knight of the round table, you have to stop the dark forces from conquering Camelot. However, one of you is a traitor who plans on bringing Camelot down from within. A cooperative game with a defector, can you find out who the traitor is and stop the shadows from taking over?

Shadows Over Camelot is for up to 7 players - one for each knight of this round table - and is created by Days of Wonder. Find out more about Shadows Over Camelot here

~ Joelyn Alexandra

Analog Game #17: Blokus Trigon

Seeing it sitting innocently on the shelf, we started with this brain teaser of a game before we launched into our game night proper.

An extension of the original Blokus, Blokus Trigon introduces the diagonal element in play, presenting the game with a different dimension. And like the original, players will have to extend their colour reaches. As long as only their corners touched.

Great game to start off your game session. Find out more about Blokus Trigon here

~ Joelyn Alexandra

Analog Game #16: Cards Against Humanity

When a group of the meanest, funniest, and most horrible people (a.k.a. my wonderful friends =P) play this game, it comes alive.

Based on a wide variety of “what if” situations, players fill in the blanks to these situations using 1-2 cards in their hand. No matter how weird or outrageous.

Great fun to play in a huge group (and also a semi-accurate judge of how well you know your friends), one of the beauties of Cards Against Humanity is that it has a whole lot of expansions (NERDFIGHTERIA EXPANSION!!!). Find out more about the game here

~ Joelyn Alexandra

Analog Game #15: Monopoly Singapore: Then and Now.

Most people I know have played Monopoly at least once in their lives. But instead of the Park Lanes and Baltic Aves, sometimes, we’d like to see a little variety.

Raven bought Monopoly Singapore: Now & Then for one of our analog game days. While the rules remained the same, it was fun to choose between Singapore now (2010s), and Singapore then (1970s); between paper cash, and plastic cards; between landmarks like Van Kleef Aquarium, and Resorts World Sentosa.

Monopoly Singapore: Now and Then was created by Hasbro. Find out more about the game here

~ Joelyn Alexandra

Analog Game #14: Citadels

The Tiger introduced this game to me after he bought it from Toy Tag - one of the hobby game stores we love to frequent. An old favourite of his, I could see why.

Citadels is incredibly easy to pick up, especially if you learn best while actually playing. It’s good for strategising and bluffing addicts, or a brutally fun game if you play it with a group of friends you (think you) know well. Building cities as different members of society, this heavily-themed card game is good for 2 to up to 8 players (optimally, in my opinion).

Citadels was created by Fantasy Flight Games. Find out more about the game here

~ Joelyn Alexandra